Dear Canpal’s,

A beautiful life does not happen, it is built. As CANPAL, never hesitate to stretch its hands beyond boundaries, now it has stretched to create the bonds of life. Yes friends, CANPAL is pursuing its new avenue CANPAL MATRIMONIAL, the “CANBANDHAN”.

The need of a matrimonial among us is the newly budded 14000 young officers, who have made their career with CAN FAMILY. CANPAL takes the responsibility to make this bud to blossom in the virtue of their life.

Here I also want to open up that, I am selfish in initiating this matrimonial column, as I want my boys and girls to reap the benefits of the hard earned privileges and rights of our mother organization. That is

If  both are employed in our bank as officers – A family can avail,

1.Housing loan of Rs 1 crore….

2.Car loan of Rs 10 Lakhs each…….

And lot more in the carts and others in line to come live in near future.

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We do not remember days, we remember moments. I am set toexperience such greater moments with all my boys and girls.