Happy New Year 01012017


Letter On Thrift Enrollment

Demonetisation-After Effects

Demonetisation-A Lesson

Letter to MD on Demonetisation

Daunting Questions Of Demonetisation

Improvement in Welfare Schemes

SWF Trustee

Proud Of CANPAL’s – A Movement

Conference Communications – 5

CBOA is Always Right

Conference Communications 5

Think Tank – A Partner in Progress

Power of Trade Unions & Unity

Conference Communications – 4

Conference Communications – 3

Business Building – CANPAL’s Style– 6

2016 054 BBW Final

Conference Communications– 2

Business – CANPAL’s Style – 5

Conference Communications– 1

Business Building – CANPAL’s Style 4

Business Building – CANPAL’s Style 3

Business Building -CANPAL’s Style – 2

Business Building Week

Letter to all Members on Election

Business Building-CANPAL’s Style

Merger of PSBS – A Precursor to Privatization

 Counselling Consuls – 4

Sad——–But Let Us Sail

Counselling Consuls-3

Counselling Consuls-2

Let Us Carry On

Level Of CANPAL’s

Counselling Consuls-1

Unity To Avoid Desperation In The Work Place-2

Let Us Be Brave Hearts

Boiling POT

Thumps Up Mumbai Program

It Is For Officers Too – 3

It Is For Officers Too – 2

It Is For Officers Too -1

Privitisation Of Banks – A Nation’s Problem

History At Hulgutti – 2016

Help Tank

lternate Gyan Sangam Programme

Executive Committee Program

Bad Days For Bankers

Policy For Purchasing CBOA Building

Shall We Wakeup 3 -2016

Shall We Wakeup 2 -2016

Shall We Wakeup 3 -2016

Without Comments -2016

Brave Hearts -2016

Never Posted Loss -2016

Objectives Of Dus We Can -2016

New(s) Analysis-2016

Village Adoption-2016

”Be”E Like To Be -2016

Think Big -2016

Help Tank-2016

Time To Give Back -2016

Dreaming Is My Habit -2016

CB Officer’s Thrift & Credit SOC -2016

Few Facts On Promotions -2016

Why It Is Always Me -2016

Idea Of CANPAL -2016

Concern On The Reorganisation -2016

Village Adoption – 2016

Thrift Society -2016

A Village – A Reformer -2016